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All FullAutoHoldem purchases require Internet Activation.
To purchase you must First Install the Free Trial Product and open this page by clicking the button within the Updater program, see below.  (Only then will your Purchace Request Code be valid and the Add to Cart buttons enabled.)

Each purchase may be installed on 2 computers.  Requires .Net Framework 2.0 from Windows Updates.
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FullAutoHoldem Main program

Hand/Odds Indicator, Full action logging, Player Database, Bets Database, Preset Open bets, Automatic mouse actions!

  • More features than other online 'indicators' have lines of code!
  • You must see it in action to beleive it!
  • Very responsive, very little cpu/memory usage.
  • Concisely formatted, scrollable view log makes following the action easier than ever.
  • Use the Open Style Builder to predetermine your opening moves and have them recalled instantly.
  • Instantly know your draw outs in detail and the profitable call amounts.
  • Know your opponents better then they know themselves with extensive player data collection.
  • Complete html logs on your disk of all game action including player data summary.
  • Quickly turn the clicker off/on with a right-click in the indicator panel to step in for manual betting.
Free 30 Day Trial download!


100% Fully Automated response in logic

  • Complete hands off 100% automated play, logicbot plays a very tight game, mostly finishes tourneys in the money.
  • Easily adjust these responses as you play, recording your own variations; Your robot now plays your game.
  • 100's of unique detailed decisions based on dozens of game variables to handle every situation.
  • Every decison displays it's reason, so there is an explanation for every move.
  • These decisions are based on extensive game play and are designed for low risk automated play.
  • Available for the professionals who can fully appreciate fully-automated holdem play.
Note: Even without FALogicBot, (main program only), you will still have full automation for all opening bets and bets that match for playback from your bets database. Depending on your open play, it's about 70% initial full-automation even without FALogicBot.
Included free

FullAutoHoldem is functionally equivalant on all sites unless otherwise specified.
Program features by site.
Poker Stars10,9,6standard onlystores unique player image
Full Tilt9,6standard only, may change backgroundsno player image
Party Poker10,6n/ano player image

Open this page from within the Updater to purchase.
opening this page from within the program

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