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First Fully-Automated and Most Advanced Online PokerBot in the World!
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works at these sites:

Poker Stars
14 minute flash

Full Tilt
14 minute flash

Party Poker
8 minute flash

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screen capture videos of Fully Automated PokerBot Action!

Software so advanced that it must be seen to be fully-appreciated!

Feeling beat up on the tables?

Too many preflop calls out of position?

Not raising preflop?

Bad calls from not seeing threats on board?

Calling too much on draws?

Wondering what happened too often?

Your poker healing is here!

Try the demo and give your game a boost immediately!

Great for professional players, always play an automated game or 2 on the side, all you need is the screen space.

The sooner you start recording your winning moves, the sooner you put them to work for you!

It's like having your own poker coach at the table!

Are you a poker coach? Would a complete log of your student's play that is consistent across different poker sites be useful for review?

All data is stored in standard MS-Access databases and is fully accessible by you for merging, sharing, reporting, etc.

Additional features:
  • Auto track to new tables in tourneys, including other player's data.
  • Take blinds out of sitout player's obscured bank in tourneys.
  • Remember game data on restart.
  • Plays Both Limit and No-Limit.

Stay on top of the action like never before with FullAutoHoldem!

FullAutoHoldem is a 100% real pokerbot that plays at PokerStars, FullTilt and PartyPoker.

Update: Only is currently supported and you MUST use classic table theme.

10/14/16 The bot is working perfectly at PokerStars, they dim out the players after folding now and that caused an issue with the bot
thinking we had left the table while in tournaments, but that is fixed. PokerStars detected my bot and closed my account.
There will have to be a change made to make the bot less detectable. Also my webhost has issues all the time and activation was not working
for some reason of theirs.

10/13/13 PokerStars put some text behind the 9 seat bank, all is working fine again.
7/15/13 PokerStars tweaked the graphics but everything is tuned up again and working fine.
2/9/12 PokerStars moved the pot up a few pixels (classic theme), they very rarely change the graphics, everything is working fine again w/update.

FullAutoHoldem is a Windows program that reads game screen pixels while you play Texas Hold'em online.
Sparing no efforts, FullAutoHoldem applys maximum technology to your online game.

Update: FullAutoHoldem should not be used in cash games because it may be considered cheating.

100% Fully Automated PokerBot Free Trial Demo Download Now!

Update: You may need to intall MS AccessDatabaseEngine.exe (for 64bit use AccessDatabaseEngine_x64.exe) from here.

You are just a few clicks away from an amazing display of software that plays poker online!
  • Join any tourney, start FullAutoHoldem and walk away, great for accumulating play money while you are away.
  • Full logging of all player data including showcards, percent hands played, player image, notes etc.
  • Full logging of all game action to webpages stored on your disk.
  • Full indicating of all relevant hand ranking, number of outs and odds information.
  • Full indicating of threats on board.
  • Concise table of hands played with links to complete hand log.
  • Record your bets to database to be played back when you're in the same spot again, you're building your own poker-bot!
  • Automatic mouse actions for all your pre-programmed and record/playback bets!
  • Comprehensive screen to pre-program all your opening hand decisions so you can begin utilizing the advantages of having a computer play your game right away!
  • Use your PC as normal when you play, game windows can be behind other windows, FullAutoHoldem still tracks the action!
  • Run multiple instances of FullAutoHoldem to play multiple games, all the junk is now automatically folded!
  • Lastest feature: Self recording screen captures to wmv files! added 10/9/10 see below

Description of basic program features

FullAutoHoldem has three separate windows:

The Main Window with Indicator Panel, Odds tab, Open tab, Log tab and tabs for other options.
The Log Window above the Main window showing all game action.
The Data Window to the left of the Main window which has tabs for the Player Data,
Hands Summary with links to stored logs, and tabs to edit and configure database bets for playback.

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot play at PokerStars

Press the 'alt' key and mouse click in the Log Window to stop scrolling during play so you can manually scroll/review it, alt-click again to resume logging.

The Main Indicator Panel is the top half of the main program window and remains visible as the tabs below may change.

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot Main Indicator Panel

The Main Indicator Panel again, this time showing preflop Pot Odds and an auto-call example.

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot Auto Pot Odds call

The Hands Tab showing percent to win (based on 2 players), win/loss and hand# which links to log stored as webpages on your disk.

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot Hand summary tab

The Player History Window is opened pressing the button next to the player name on the Player data tab.

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot Player history

The Start Tab is used to 'attach' FullAutoHoldem to your game.
Double click on a game in the list to play that game. After manually assigning your seat the first time, your 'player name' will be used to find your seat automatically in future games.

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot start tab, attach to game
The Odds Tab is the main tab of focus during play detailing all of our draw cards (outs), total outs and profitable call amounts.
This example shows 16 outs and the chance of hitting a draw card on the turn is 16/47 or 34.04%; on the river there are 46 cards to draw from and a 34.78% chance, so it's worth calling a bet of up to about 1/3 the pot: pot=1475 + new bet of up to 786 = 2261 x 34.78% = 786 our max 'calc' call amount.

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot Odds tab
The Open Tab shows a summary table of current pre-programmed preflop bet decisions. The bottom level hole cards are weaker and require later positions to play. The 'c' column holds the preset blind call amount and the 'r' column holds the raise; the 'p' column can be 'E','M', or 'L' for early, middle and late positions. Press the 'edit' button to adjust pre-programmed preflop decisions in the Open Style Builder window (see below).

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot Open tab

The Open Style Builder.
Add consistency, simplicity, and the full value of playing position to your game by making your preflop decisions ahead of time with this screen. Each open style is stored in the database and when the game parameters change, the appropriate style is loaded automatically.
And now all the junk is folded automatically!

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot Open Style Builder
The Log Tab allows changing the default name of the current log to something memorable for later reference. Logs with the default 'date-formatted' names may be auto-deleted as old logs as specified.

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot Log tab
File log tab
    FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot Site log tab
Site log tab

The Main Opts Tab has options for the basic program.

Use 'stay on top' to keep your eye on the game while doing other things like surfing the web.

'Tabs follow action' provides switching to the 'Open Tab' on preflop to show which loaded style and play level our bet decision is based on; on flop the Odds Tab is focused again.

Since after registering for a tourney you are certain to have a seat, use 'autostart tourneys' and FullAutoHoldem will 'attach' to the game automatically when the game window opens, (no need to click the game name listed on the 'Start Tab').

Playing 2 games on two monitors? FullAutoHoldem will move itself and the second game to the second monitor automatically.

Uncheck 'show log' and 'show data' for FullAutoHoldem to use less screen space.
Other options are available with the purchase of additional FullAutoHoldem components: FALogicBot.

Pressing the 'Updates' button runs the separate Updater program (see below), and the help icon opens the help file.

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot Main Options tab
Click Tab

When enabled all mouse actions are done automatically based on your pre-set responses.
Also automatically return to another application after folding (surf while waiting for playable cards).
Add delay to slow down the automated play.
Watch Two Games Played Fully Automated!  
8 mins

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot Click Options tab

Screen Capture

When enabled records the game window with pokerbot at side to wmv files.
You can set to auto-record only the hands you are playing or everything.

*You must have the Windows Media Encoder installed to use these features.

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot screen capture
Screen capture options tab
    FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot screen capture
Screen capture options tab2

dbBot Tab

The next level of automation is acheived as your database is filled with winning bet decisions for playback.

Bet matching for playback is based on saving enough information about each bet decision you make, so that given the same information again you would make the same decision again.

Your database can be loaded in a few ways: by recording all of your actions while playing; by merging bets from friends who are also using FullAutoHoldem (and their play is good enough); or by using FALogicBot to make default decisions that may be selectively customized on the fly before being inserted into the database.

Your preflop bets will start playing back first as they only need to match two cards and there are a lot more preflop bets played and inserted into the database. Next the preflop re-raise (second round) bets will also start matching. The quicker you load your database, the quicker you have more automated responses for playback.

When experimenting with your Preset Open Styles and game play in general, you may accumulate bets in your database that are not as solid as those in your current presets, maybe you have made too many loose calls for example, check the 'use preset' option to always use the Open Style preset bets for preflop, this way the more solid bets will be played and inserted to the db (overwriting the loose calls).

 FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot Database Options tab

You decide how closely your previously recorded betting decision must match the present situation for automated playback.
Use the 'match' tab to set the minimum fitting percentage among six primary betting criteria (see below).
Some criteria must always match exactly, namely the game state, cards (optimized), bet round, and the number of players all in.  Extra bet information is also stored (other player data) for future development of more advanced second level matching i.e. when there are first level matching ties.

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot Bet Match Tab

In this example the 'min fit %' for the bankB (number of blinds left in your bank) is grayed out. This is because we are in a non-tourney game and have set the option that bank matching is not needed for qualified playback; so the bank can be anything, but the closest match will still be used.

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot Bet Match Tab

The bets 'stats' tab includes bet database statistics and also db options to select which database of stored bets to playback for each type of game. The top row of statistics shows the number of bets stored in your database, (for program efficiency the 'stored' bets row is only updated on program start). The 'cur lookups' and 'cur hits' always indicate the percent playback we are getting from the db, as the database grows the percent of automated payback also grows. Here we see our playback came from the database 120 out of 312 times, over 1/3 of the time.

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot DbBets Stats Tab

The third bet tab is the 'edit' tab. This tab shows the bet information being stored into the db for future playback. If you make bets you don't like, simply delete them, or adjust them. Lookup a bet by clicking it's 'insert link' in the view log while playing, or paste the 'bet-time' key from a log file (see below) into the textbox and 'find' the bet. If you want to review or edit bets stored in your last game played, press the 'last bet' button to lookup the last bet stored in the database; start from here and scroll backwards with the '<-' button.

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot DbBets Edit Tab

Log file example

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot Log File sample

Updater checks the web server for new versions and downloads them.

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot Program Updater

Updater tools tab provides database utilites, (compact/repair) which can be run when the main program is closed.

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot Tools Tab

That summarizes most of the features that come with the basic program.
For more documentation click here. (opens new window)
Watch the screen captures and see what Fully-Automated Custom Pokerbot play looks like.
Try the demo and feel like you have been playing in the dark until now!

FALogicBot is an Advanced Component Sold Separately
(When installed the 'logic' tab appears within the Opts tab)

Only FALogicBot can provide initial %100 automated play by having a conservative preset response for every bet decision.
Use these responses as a baseline, recording over as desired for future playback, building your own custom SuperBot!
Within FALogicBot play there are programmed bluff/semi-bluff opportunities, use the 'bluffLevel' setting to increase or decrease the likelihood of making a bluff in those situations based on the number of players in the pot.

Note: Even without FALogicBot, (using main program only), you will still have full automation for all opening bets and bets that match for playback from your bets database. Depending on your open play, it's about 70% initial full-automation even without FALogicBot.

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot LogicBot Options Tab

FullAutoHoldem is designed to give you EVERY conceivable advantage that a computer can offer to your online hold'em play.

Update: FullAutoHoldem should not be used in cash games because it may be considered cheating.

  • Playing with instant recall of every relavant poker/odds chart.
  • Playing with instant knowlege of your best hand, draw cards, number of outs, and threats on board.
  • Playing while meticulously tracking your opponents activites.
  • Playing while logging every action so you'll always know "What happened?"
  • Making consistent preflop decisions based on instant knowledge of position, number of players, etc.
  • Having the ability of recording your bet actions to database to be optimally played back when you are in a similar spot in the future; you adjust how "similar" that spot must be with the match tab. When a recorded bet is suggested for playback, either let it play or adjust it on the fly, recording another bet response that will exactly match this same situation next time.

You may have seen websites claiming fully-automated play software before, but often they can't even provide a few screenshots as far as having anything real to offer.  It's hard to find even a video demonstratation of anything convincing, much less a fully working free trial!   And even if there was a real comparable product, it would have a very difficult time matching the quality, reliability and responsiveness of FullAutoHoldem!

Good Luck!


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